Getting Started

First steps to tae after signing up.

After sign up you will get your own Innota site. The address is You can also setup a custom domain if you like.

Innota is easy to use, but there are some differences to other content management systems or blogging platforms.

Separating Content from Appearance

In Innota there's a clear separation between content and the apperance of your site. This ensures that your content, all the blog posts and pages, look exactly like you intended.

This also makes changing the look and feel of your site really easy. And if you decide to change the site theme or create a new one you don't have to do anything to your content.


Writing is what blogs and web sites are about. Writing is done using markdown. Markdown is pretty simple and after a while it's very intuitive and doesn't interrupt your writing flow.

Content is roughly divided into pages, posts and files. Posts are for blog posts and all other pages are simply called pages. There are different types of pages: a page can be simple page (like this documentation page, for instance) or a paginated list of all of your blog posts.


Always remember to publish your site after you've made changes. Even if you've added new posts and pages, or even updated your site theme, the changes won't be visible in your site at until you publish your site again.

To make AatInnotaos as fast as possible we use a global content delivery network to transfer your site to your audience. Updating almost 40 server locations takes a little bit of time, and after you publish your site the old site may be visible for about one minute. This is the downside of making delivery as fast as possible all around the globe, but we think that it's a small price to pay.

If you mark a page or post as draft, it will never be published until you uncheck the mark as draft check box.


You can preview your full site any time. This is a good way to make sure that your content looks like you want it to look. Preview mode also includes all drafts, both posts and pages.

The Look and Feel of Your Site

Innota uses a very powerful template engine called Twig. You can control each and every piece of html that is delivered to users browsing your site.

In addition to html templates almost all sites need stylesheets and possibly some javascript. These are the basic building blocks of a theme in Innota:

  • html templates,
  • stylesheets,
  • javascript.

You can use any of our existing themes or you can create a new one. Read more about themes in the documentation.

Updated at 2018/11/21