Don't Forget Client Side Performance

Creating blazingly fast websites is easier and cheaper than ever thanks to static website generators. For instance, a typical blog post in Aatos loads in less than half a second. With this kind of server performance it's easy to forget client side performance. The more CSS and JavaScript you have the more the user's browser has to do to display the page.

Fixing Slow Parallax

Parallax effect (or parallax scrolling) is one of the hottest web design trends of the last couple of years. Yes, it looks cool and goes very well with large splash images (that's another big trend these days). If you're using parallax effect on your site, don't forget to make sure that it's buttery smooth and doesn't affect scrolling.

Here's a good video by Paul Lewis explaining how to benchmark a site and fix stuttery scrolling caused by parallax. Here's the tutorial Paul mentions in the video. It's old (from 2012) but still spot on! It's a must read if you're new to designing a website with parallax effect and are concerned with performance (as you should be!).

The video also shows some good tips how to debug a site using Developer Tools in Chrome.

Jaakko Naakka

Jaakko Naakka

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