Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy.

Innota User Register Privacy Policy

Innota is designed to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

1. Who we are

2. Who to Contact

If you have any further questions, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

3. Whose Information Do we Collect and Why

We collect some of your personal details if you are a user of Innota web service. We need to be able to contact you in case you need our support or you have forgotten your passoword, for instance.

4. What Data Do We Collect From You

You are required to register as a user to use Innota. When you register as a user, we will ask you for

  • a username that you choose, and
  • your email address.

5. What Data Do We Collect When You Use Our Service

We collect some data from you when you use Innota. This log data is used to help fixing software issues in our service and to prevent fraud and abuse. User details are pseudonymised in the logs, and the log data themselves cannot be linked back to any particular user account in Innota.

6. What Data Do We Collect From Third Party Sources

We do not collect any data from other sources.

7. Who Handles Your Data

We want to concentrate on building our web service and we use a few other services to fulfil our needs. These are the services we use:

None of these services have a right to access your data or use your data as a part of their business.

8. What Data Do We Transfer Outside the EU or EEC

Your data is not regularly transfered outside the EU or EEC. Some of the services we use are located in the United States, but they are members of the Privacy Shield program.

9. How Long Do We Keep Your Data

We keep your personal data until you delete your user account. Log data is kept for two weeks.

When you decide to delete your user account, we add your old username to a separate database of deleted user accounts. This way we can prevent other users registering using the username that used to belong to you. The database for deleted user accounts does not hold any other personal information, and the username alone cannot be linked back to you.

10. How Do We Secure Our User Register

After logging in to the service the user can browse only their own information stored in the register. Selected members of Innota staff have the possibility to browse and alter the data stored in the register. Browsing or altering the information in the register by Innota staff requires strong authentication and the use of SSL protected communication channels. Direct connection to database is protected by additional firewalls. Browsing log data requires two-factor authentication.

11. Your Rights as a User

You have the right to view and modify the data that is saved in our user register. You can do this by yourself after you have logged in to Innota.

Updated at 25 May 2018