Cool Things Coming in 2018

Making Innota even better.

We're only a few weeks into 2018 and already it's been quite a year. If you've seen any IT related news you can't have missed the news about Spectre and Meltdown. Despite pathcing our servers we're busy creating all kinds of new stuff for 2018.

Security is our Top Priority

We patched all of our servers as soon as we heard of the Meltdown and Spectre bugs. We're running on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, and they were one of the first major players to update their underlying infrastructres. There's already been another round of updates that we installed right away, and we should be safe now.

It's easy to forget the hardware when you think of security in IT, and this whole incident is a good reminder that there are so many layers to security in IT. Remember to keep an eye on updates for your computer, phone and other devices and install updates as soon as possible.

Upcoming Features

Despite all the bug fixing we're back in business and here's some new features that we're almost ready to release. You might have seen our own site and a number of customer sites using contact forms. That's probably our number one requested feature and we're almost ready to publish it into the wild.

Another thing we've promised since 2016 is full site export. You'll be able to download a zip file including all the pages and blog posts you've created, all the files you've uploaded and the theme including all templates and assets. Basically, you can download all of your work in Innota.

Search is another highly requested feature and we're working on a solution for that. Actually, some of our clients are already using search on their sites (look here for an example). It's fast, it searches all content on your site and you can use it to handle searching on client side using JavaScript or create a more traditional page for showing search results.

One Last Thing

Last, but definitely not the least. We're planning to open source the core of Innota. That's right, the core will be available for anyone to download and modify to fit their needs and host their Innota powered sites anywhere they like.

The core of Innota is basically a static site generator and that's what we're going to publish as a commandline tool. You can use the tool to develop a site locally, and upload it to Innota for easier management and hosting. Or you can export your site from Innota and use the command line tools to host the site anyway you like without Innota.

The core of Innota (the service we host and manage) is exactly the same as the command line tools we're going to publish. So the open source version will be fully compatible with our hosted solution. There's some things we still need to work on, and we're aiming for a beta release in the first half of 2018.

Despite all the bugs and security issues we wish you a happy new year! :)

Jaakko Naakka

Jaakko Naakka

Founder of Innota. Making web sites since 1996. Programming for a living in the middle of nowhere in Southern Finland.