Custom Domain

Custom domains allow you to serve your site from any URL you want.

We've supported custom domains since day one. It means you can have your site at instead of


Setting up a custom domain is simple. There's just three simple steps:

  1. Tell Innota what your domain is
  2. Point your DNS records to our the domain we give you
  3. Publish your site

That's it.


At the moment it's not possible to buy a domain from us. You need to buy it from some third party registrar.

1. Tell Innota What Your Domain Is

Go to Site Settings and add your domain in the Domain field. Add just the plain domain without http:// in the beginning.

Click on Save. At this point you need to wait for a few minutes. Innota serves content from 150 locations around the world, and we need to update all of our network to know about your new domain.

2. Point Your DNS Record to Innota Domain

Now is time to point your custom domain to the domain we give you. After you update your domain in Site settings and click save, you will get a custom URL where you have to point your domain.

In the example above the domain name is Notice that this is just an example and your domain will be different.

Now point your CNAME record to this domain and wait for a few minutes for the changes to propagate to all of your nameservers.

3. Publish Your Site

Last step is easy. Just click on publish and your new site will be online. We will redirect users to your new domain if they try access your site from

Updated at 2018/11/21